Raisal Arts


Shatrunjai Singh first got into furniture designing & manufacturing in 1998.

After a few years spent designing furniture for hotels & eminent personnel, he decided to give his career a fresh start and take his organization to a different level where he could design and provide complete colonial interiors even to level of developing replicas of antique lights & chandeliers & even developing near original frescos for the required projects.

With his skills and knowledge, his taste & aptitude he created a niche amongst the patrons of the area, and since he is direct descendents of Raja Raisal 1538 AD – 1615 AD.

Raja Raisal was the originator of Rajput rule of Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, which is acknowledged all over the world for its affluent cultural legacy, he is able to offer innovative responses to all his client’s needs:

A complete package to professionals, both in marketing advising and interior design service, An interior Design Service around the world, both to professional and residential clients.

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